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The sound quality is good for such small devices. The battery life on these are awesome. If you happen to run low, toss them in the charging case for five or ten minutes and you are good to go. I love that they charge so fast!

 Guido Zambrano Torre

Perfect! Came brand new in the box, almost fully charged, everything perfect and sealed.

Magdaliza Negreira

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Mitch and Stacey

Bought for my lovely bride who sleeps with headphones on. By the morning she is all wrapped up in cords. Now she won’t strangle herself at night.

Isabel Jara

This was a gift for my son. He’s very happy with these and says the sound is really good. He loves that he can use “Hey Siri” and says they fit perfectly in his ears, staying while he runs around with his dog. He has zero complaints.

Albert Jing

I have had way to many wireless earbuds during my time on this Earth. These have become my all-time favorite all-day buds. Great sound quality and by far the most comfortable. 

Melissa Grafster

The sound quality is pretty good. I haven't had to use the airpods at maximum volume to cancel out noise. I'm also surprised by how well they stay in my ear. I have small ears and I was so happy how well they fit in my ear with no discomfort.

“I took a leap of faith with these and I love them. A day after they arrived (which was about a week), I purchased the Apple Care through Apple’s official website. First they had to verify my purchase which was not a hassle at all, and I bought the Apple Care for $29 which is a great deal! For just under $30 bucks for a warranty of 2 years, why not? I’m so happy with my purchase, both the AirPods and the Apple Care!”

Joanne Gibralter - South Central Park, New York

What are AirPods?

AirPods are Apple's completely wire-free headphones, which look a bit like the Apple EarPods from older devices, but without the cables. AirPods have Apple-designed tech inside like a special wireless chip called the W1 or H1 (depending on version), an accelerometer for gestures, dual optical sensors, dual beamforming microphones for Siri and phone calls, and a second accelerometer for speech detection.  



How do I set up my AirPods?

One of the best thing about AirPods is how easy they are to set up with an Apple device. All you need to do is unlock your iPhone or iPad, pop open the top of the AirPods Charging Case, hold it near your device, and wait for a popup on your ‌iPhone‌ or ‌iPad‌'s display.
From there, you just tap the connect button and the AirPods pair like magic.
AirPods are designed to connect to your ‌iPhone‌ or ‌iPad‌ whenever you open the case lid, so all you need to do to listen to music is take them out of the case and put them in your ears.
Your AirPods are linked to your iCloud account, so once you pair them with one device, your other devices know they exist. You can switch connections between your devices through the standard Bluetooth settings options, where AirPods will be listed on any device that you're signed into with your ‌iCloud‌ account.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

Just minutes after Apple's announcement, Twitter users spotted Cook's new profile picture on Twitter. Upon first look, Cook's photo doesn't look much different: It's the same smiling, denim shirt-clad Cook portrait that has long been the CEO's Twitter avatar. But if you look closely, you can see an AirPod earbud placed in Cook's ear.



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